survey results released

CLA Advisory Committee on Intellectual Freedom released the results (7 page Word document) from their survey of challenges in Canadian libraries today.

Items challenged ranged from Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby to The Golden Compass; books, graphic novels and film; and internet filtering.

Almost all of the challenges resulted in the item being kept in the collection. One film was reclassified to be moved from the children’s section to the adult section, one item was added to a private collection with the conditions that a student needed to discuss the material with the librarian and have parental permission to borrow the item, one item was removed because the format was old, one item was placed in a professional library and one item was moved to a central library collection.

I think it’s interesting that no items were chucked out of a collection entirely, but that they were moved to locations that were more difficult to access. I think that requiring a student to discuss an item with the librarian AND to get their parent’s consent before being able to check out an item is silly. The item might as well be removed from the collection.

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