parody+politics=lawsuit from CanWest

Mordecai Briemberg, webmaster/administrator of canpalnet (Canadian-Palestine Support Network), is being sued by CanWest, over a parody of the Vancouver Sun. Here’s a pdf of the first page, and here is the full text of the parody.

There are so many reasons why this lawsuit sucks:

  • Briemberg claims he didn’t write the parody, or even distribute it
  • He’s being sued for copyright infringement when the issue seems to be actually about politics
  • These types of lawsuits have a chilling effect on freedom of speech and opinions that are critical of the stance that the mainstream media have on political issues

At the membership of BCLA passed a resolution at the recent conference to:

  • Write a letter asking CanWest to drop the legal action
  • Distribute this letter to libraries, media activist and civil liberties communities and also to submit this letter to CanWest to try and get it published
  • Support Media Democracy Day 2008
  • Work with the Information Policy Committee to educate the BCLA membership and the general community on the impact of media concentration.

Here, dear reader, are some things that you can do:

Edit:  Brimberg stated that he picked some of the parody papers up at the library and handed them out at a bus stop.

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