That Lady is Naked! @ the VAG

I’m normally not all that interested in what’s going on at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I was pretty disappointed with Crazy, the last exhibit.  My friend Sarah Leavitt sums up the many of the problems with the exhibit.

I’m excited by the current exhibition WACK: Art and the Feminist Revolution, which is a survey of art from 70s second wave feminists.  The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA put together a fabulous website for this exhibit.  I went to the opening, but it was crowded and spent a lot of time gabbing, so I don’t have much to say about the art…yet.  This is the most community programming I’ve ever noticed the art gallery doing, and I think it’s great.  It’s also particularly fitting to have workshops, lectures and discussion around feminist art.

I heard about this program on CBC radio.  Meg Hickling sounds like a dynamo.  In the short interview, she said this workshop is for parents who need skills talking to their 5-12 year olds about naked bodies.  She said she does a different workshop for parents about talking to kids about sex.

I’m mentioning this on this blog as often challenges come from adults about kids or teen books because of issues around sexuality: descriptions of sex, masturbation, or issues around homosexuality or bisexuality.  I think a workshop like this might work well in a library.

Here’s the info:

That Lady is Naked!
In The Gallery With Meg Hickling
October 26, 1pm
In the Gallery

There are naked people in the Gallery; how do you tell your child? This unique workshop with world-renowned sex educator Meg Hickling invites parents to explore WACK! with their children. Hickling, the author of five books and a recipient of the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada, is noted for her ability to present complex material with intelligence, warmth and sensitivity.
Age 5 and up.
Adults $20; Children $7
(Members $15, Members children $5)

Registration: 604.662.4700


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