Quarterly List of Admissible and Prohibited Titles–July to September 2008

On Halloween, The Canadian Boarder Services Agency published their quarterly list (19 page PDF) of seized items.  You’ll likely see stuff that offends you because you think it is racist, pornographic, or just plain wrong (and possibly a combination of more than one of these).  I encourage you, even if you do have delicate sensibilities, to take a look anyway to get an idea of what types of materials are not allowed in Canada, according to sections 58, 59 and 60 of the Customs Act.

I’m puzzled by the varying quality of description of these items.  Some are almost detailed enough to be in a library catalogue, for example “Ghita Of Alizarr, Second Edition (Part 1), By Frank Thorne, Published By Catalan Communications, Copyright 1990, ISBN: 0-87416-095-2” (on page 9, under Comic Books), which was admissable.  Others are extremely vague, for example “Best of 2000” (also on page 9, under Compact Discs), which was prohibited.  How am I supposed to know what Best of 2000 is about?

This list is not published on the CBSA website, nor are previous lists available on their site. If you would like to receive these updates by email, contact the CBSA  at piu-uip@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca and request to be added.

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