Colors magazine issue on Freedom of Speech

Issue 65 of Colors, “a magazine about the rest of the world”, is about Freedom of Speech.

The issues are thematic. Other themes have included slums, food, home, shopping, race, sports, and 2 issues on HIV/AIDS (Issue 7 in 1994, and Issue 67 in 2006).  They are smart, quirky and have lots of interesting images.  They are pretty to look at too.

Some of the issues have been controversial.  Wikipedia says “Issue 4 [1], released in spring 1993, covered the topic of race, and created an international uproar [2] by running full-page photos of the face of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain doctored to look like a black woman [3], filmmaker Spike Lee as a white man, Pope John Paul II as Asian, among others.”

For me, it’s more than a little weird that Benneton is behind this magazine, but I still think it’s worth checking out.

According to Outlook Online, Greater Victoria Public Library is the only library that has a subscription to the print copy of this magazine, but I can’t tell if they have this issue. If you are not lucky enough to be in the Greater Victoria area, enjoy the websites (current archive Issues 21-70, past archive Issues 1-60), or suggest your library purchase a subscription.


One thought on “Colors magazine issue on Freedom of Speech

  1. My wife’s late paternal grandmother had Colors as one of the serials of regular reading amongst her counter-culture involvement (most notably one of the founding editors of “Notes from the Briar Patch”, but she was also active with many other things).

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