Freedom to Read Week at the Rhizome

On Saturday, February 28, the BCLA Intellectual Freedom Committee hosted an evening of discussion, socializing, button-making and readings of controversial materials. Penny Goldsmith read from her friend Jane Rule’s testimony at the Little Sister’s v Canada Customs trial, Michelle Miller read from a book of sex advice by and for teenage girls, Jon Scop read from And Tango Makes Three, Beth Davies read from a report on InSite, Aili Meutzner read from Dr Laura!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for an enjoyable and stimulating evening. We were truly honoured to see old friends like Sylvia Crooks and Lois Bewley, who has inspired so many librarians with her passion for intellectual freedom and who has given her name to the Intellectual Freedom Defense Fund. And a huge thanks to the folks at Rhizome for making this happen!

The wonderful photos are by Miriam Moses.


One thought on “Freedom to Read Week at the Rhizome

  1. Looks like it was a great time! I love how the new t-shirts look! Yay James Gemmill! I would pay money to hear Aili read Dr. Laura. I’m sure it was quite a performance.

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