Amazon decided that in order to prevent “adult” titles from showing up on searches, it would remove the sales ranking of “adult” books. In large part, this is simply GLBT titles.

According to Amazon, Heather has Two Mommies = adult. American Psycho is not. Books on queer history and Maurice by E. M. Forster (a fave romance of mine but NOT graphic) = adult. A collection of Playboy centerfolds is not.

Generally, “adult” is taken to mean the work contains sex and/or violent, isn’t it? And obviously it’s abused often as it is now. The Lesbian Parenting Book? Not sexy.

This author of a YA gay romance started much of this and posts the email from Amazon giving the reason this is being done. This blog entry has good links including a list of books that have had this done to them.

Some people have argued that this is no big deal because the books are still available. Yes, the books are still present but Amazon stated that this was done to make these books harder to find! Books on coming out and gay romances. Yet Laurell K. Hamilton’s Meredith Gentry books (aka Faerie porn) are exempt from this “adult” stigma..

Clearly, someone at Amazon made a misstep…

Thanks to Monica for writing this post & for passing it on to the IFC

Amazon has restored these rankings and now claims this was a technical cataloguing glitch. Hmmmm…. See comments for more on this


2 thoughts on “Amazonfail

  1. Jezebel has updates. A glitch implies, to me, a technical problem. If so, what happened to that guy in February? And why did the customer service rep say otherwise to Probst?

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