Find a Challenged or Banned Book at the University of Victoria

Susan Henderson from the University of Victoria shared this wonderful Freedom to Read Week event:

The University of Victoria Libraries and Bookstore are organizing a special campus event to celebrate the 26th year of Freedom to Read Week. We really liked the BookCrossing idea on the FTRW website so we now have 26 campus representatives (including students, faculty, university staff and university administration) releasing 26 challenged books using During February 21-27 these books will be released on campus or around our region to spread the word about challenged and banned books. There are also FTRW displays in the McPherson Library and the Curriculum Library and the University of Victoria Bookstore. The Martlet (student newspaper) is publishing a feature article and photo and a feature and photo went into The Ring, another campus publication We’re very pleased the event has captured people’s attention and a lot more students are prepared to defend a book if called upon to do so at some point in their lives.

Freedom to Read Week 2010 at the University of Victoria

University of Victoria's Freedom to Read Week image


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